Forklift Operator

  • Light Industrial / Skill Labor
  • Goodrich
  • $15.00/hr

Entech Staffing Solutions

Entech Staffing Solutions is seeking a Forklift Operator for a company in the Davison area (Goodrich, MI). This is a full-time, contract positions with the opportunity to go direct based on performance, attendance, attitude, etc. We’re currently working on an opening 3rd shift. Pay Rate: $15.00/hr

3rd Shift Hours: 10:00p-6:15a

Fork Truck Driver Responsibilities

  • All drivers are to do preventive checks according to Operator’s Daily Report in the book found on the fork truck.

  • Each driver is to start the shift by checking their designated area for set-ups and to move parts as needed. After the area is checked, a “free floating” method is to be used.

  • Load coils for presses

  • Move parts to next process

  • Stage empty gons or totes

  • Empty scrap hoppers

  • Set up presses and sander

  • Die to press

  • Proper scrap hopper

  • Proper gon and/or totes or boxes

  • Stage correct coils (always double check)

  • Set up parts to sander according to F.I.F.O. (First In, First Out) standards

  • Unload coil trucks (2nd and 3rd shift)

  • Tag and mark properly

  • Staged in correct steel location according to steel location index

  • After coils are unloaded from the truck, turn them so the tail is facing correct way (towards hi-lo or on left or right) to make set ups quicker and easier

  • Move parts to next process

  • Weigh parts that need to be scanned/entered into the system (If parts have already been scanned, there is no need to weigh them again).

  • Make sure move ticket has been signed by a leader

  • Empty scrap hoppers as needed

  • Every break, empty all scrap hoppers

  • Set up grinders

  • Use F.I.F.O. system

  • Ensure proper gon or knock down tote is supplied

  • All drivers are to do their job in the safest manner. Be cautious of co-workers around you, conditions of the floor, and maintain a safe speed.

  • Hi-los are not to be parked in scrap bay 1 or 2.

  • If a hi-lo breaks down, inform your leader and maintenance

  • Be aware of your surroundings (red lights, co-workers, etc.)

  • Keep all doorways, aisle ways, fire extinguishers, and eye wash stations clear

  • Keep hi-lo free of garbage

  • Make use of ALL mirrors on truck and throughout the shop to ensure safety

  • Wear your seat belt at all times

  • Pass a background check prior to starting