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With over 15+ years of professional staffing experience, Entech Staffing Solutions helps Warren area businesses by sourcing and hiring the most qualified temporary workers for their staffing needs. Sourcing and hiring temporary employees is always an important issue for today's businesses, so it only makes sense to partner with a regional job market expert with deep community roots and an unwavering commitment to help Michigan businesses and their employees succeed.

At Entech Staffing Solutions, we know that being successful in the human resources and staffing industry means more than just turning a profit. It's about maintaining clear objectives, consistently achieving goals and building REAL relationships to support their clients' goals and objectives. So with a keen focus on effectiveness and efficiency, Entech Staffing Solutions' mission is to provide the most qualified employees to its customers while maintaining a competitive pricing model.

Entech continues to set the standard for complete customer satisfaction by consistently providing dependable, qualified individuals who meet your exact requirements. Simply put, we're not satisfied unless you are!

High Quality, Cost-Effective Staffing Solutions for Warren Area Businesses

Entech is committed to the ideals of value, service and quality. With the majority of our staffing specialists possessing 15+ years of professional staffing experience, we strive to enable our clients to operate their businesses more efficiently (and profitably) by consistently providing innovative staffing solutions- putting the right people in the right place at the right time. Our commitment to understanding your business from the inside out, providing cost effective solutions and our unwavering attention to detail and exemplary service is what makes us a leader in the HR industry.

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Because we focus on recruiting only the most experienced and highly qualified candidates who are interested in contingent work and opportunities for permanent placement, we tend to develop real and lasting relationships with our clients.

Whether you need to control workforce costs, staff hard to fill positions or hire more qualified people to meet demand, we're here to help you achieve your goal!

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Services Provided - Entech Staffing Solutions - 789566Recruiting

ESS recruits and maintains a large pool of qualified candidates with a wide variety of skills. We utilize numerous online resources, including social media, mobile technology, and job boards, as well as placement centers, sponsored events and personal referrals.

Services Provided - Entech Staffing Solutions - 1984638Screening

Our screening process begins with a series of questions regarding experience, interests, availability, and expectations. If it is determined that a candidate is a potential employee, a personal interview is scheduled.

Services Provided - Entech Staffing Solutions - 7167127Interviewing

Each candidate is personally interviewed to determine the candidate's abilities, goals, previous training and work experience. Depending on the candidate's background and interests, appropriate testing is administered.

Services Provided - Entech Staffing Solutions - 995806Testing

Each candidate is evaluated on pre-determined skill sets using the Kenexa Prove It computerized system. This system allows us to identify and select the most talented candidates. Over 1,000 validated assessments for Clerical, Software, Call Center, Financial, Healthcare, Industrial, Legal and Technical job classifications are available to our placement professionals.

Services Provided - Entech Staffing Solutions - 9442294 Credentialing

Once the candidate is eligible for placement, an employment reference(s) and criminal background check may be performed. If applicable, a drug screening, physical, driving record check, educational background, and licensure is reviewed and/or verified.

Services Provided - Entech Staffing Solutions - 7714312 Placing

After a job order is received and reviewed, our placement professional begins the candidate selection process. When the best candidates are identified, our staff contacts each one, confirming skills, determining availability and reviewing assignment responsibilities. The very best candidate is selected and recommended. If an orientation is required, it'll be completed prior to the start date.

Regardless of whether we're assisting with the recruitment and placement of a single employee, or we're providing a variety of ongoing services that include on-site visits and after hours counseling, our processes don't stop when a candidate is placed. To truly be a trusted partner for ALL of our clients and customers, the relationship continues!

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  • Administrative

  • Professional

  • Technical

  • Call Center Rep

  • Medical

  • Information Technology (IT)

  • Light Industrial

  • Customer Service

  • Special Events

  • and much more!

Whether you need one person or twenty, for a week or a year, or you simply have a question, our Staffing Solutions page is your answer! Submit a request for whatever you need, whenever you need it! It's quick and convenient, and we will provide a timely response to accurately fill your order from the Entech Staffing Solutions office nearest you.

Learn more about our staffing opportunities or call us at (248) 528-1444 today!