We Connect the Dots Between Employer and Employee

Where do you start the search when you need executive level talent? Finding and vetting qualified leaders requires a significant investment, but you can’t afford to drop everything to search. Why not work with a dedicated professional trained to find top executives for organizations like yours?

Executive Search Services provides additional resources for finding and hiring executives. You communicate your needs to a specialized recruiter who then sources, screens, and submits only the most qualified candidates. Once you see the top applicants, you can select who you interview.

Knowing that most executive level candidates aren’t necessarily searching job boards, Entech understands the art of passive candidate searching. That means we can discover and talk to candidates who may consider a job transition for the right reasons. We become the advocate for your organization. By utilizing our vast networks, technology, and resources to connect the dots.

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Why Choose Entech for Executive Search?

Hiring leaders presents unique demands and pain points for companies, given the critical role these positions play in guiding the organization's strategy, culture, and overall success. Some of the most common pain points include:

Finding the Right Fit
Identifying candidates who not only possess the required experience and skills but also align with the company's culture and values is challenging. The right executive must be able to lead effectively within the specific context of the company's industry, organizational structure, and strategic goals.
Scarcity of Top Talent
There is often a limited pool of candidates who meet the high standards required for leadership roles. This scarcity can lead to intense competition among companies to attract and hire these individuals, making the process more complex and potentially more expensive.
Long Hiring Processes
Hiring an executive can be time-consuming, involving extensive vetting, interviewing, and negotiating. Delays in filling these critical positions can have a ripple effect, impacting strategic initiatives and organizational morale.
Compensation & Contract Negotiations
It can be complex to negotiate compensation packages that satisfy top executives' expectations. These negotiations often involve salary, bonuses, stock options, and other benefits.
Confidentiality & Discretion
The executive hiring process often requires a high level of confidentiality to protect the company and candidates' interests. This need for discretion can limit the ability to seek broader input or conduct certain types of public searches.
Assessing Leadership Skills & Potential
Evaluating the leadership qualities of candidates, including their ability to inspire, drive change, and make strategic decisions, is essential but can be highly subjective and challenging.
Hiring Risk
Given the impact that executives have, the cost of an unsuccessful hire can be substantial, affecting strategic direction, employee morale, and financial performance.
Addressing these pain points requires a strategic approach. Let Entech connect the dots for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Executive Search

How do you source and vet candidates for executive positions?

We utilize LinkedIn and other job boards, passive candidate search techniques, our collection of qualified candidates in our Zenople database, and our extensive networks in the Southeast and Mid-Michigan communities.

Can you provide references from previous clients?

Yes, Entech Staffing Solutions can provide references upon request.

How do you handle confidentiality during the search process?

Given the high-profile nature of executive searches, clients need assurance that their search for a new leader remains confidential to protect the company and candidates’ privacy. By utilizing Entech, a third party provider, we are able to maintain a level of confidentiality not available when you are corresponding with applicants within your own field. We are an outside confidential resource.

What is your process for understanding our company culture and the specific needs of the role?

A successful executive placement requires a deep understanding of the company’s culture and values and the challenges and opportunities the new leader will face. For every job requisition we get, from temporary placements to executive searches, we visit the client site and talk to key players to learn as much as we can about the environment and culture of your organization to ensure your new executive will match your core values and goals.

How do you manage the negotiation of compensation and benefits?

We assist with structuring attractive compensation packages and navigating negotiations to secure top candidates. You make the final decisions about salary, bonuses, benefits, and other pay structures, but we negotiate on your behalf, ensuring that the agreement is mutually beneficial for you and the incoming executive.

What happens if the placed candidate doesn't work out?

All of our placements come with a guarantee. We will discuss the options if the candidate doesn’t work out after they come on board.

How do you ensure a diverse candidate pool?

With an increasing focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, we know a commitment to diversity and strategies for ensuring a diverse range of candidates is critical. Entech is a certified Woman-owned business and member of WBENC, and we are committed to providing the best quality candidates from diverse backgrounds for your positions.

Are you looking for executive search services? Contact an Entech Recruiter directly.