We Connect the Dots Between Employer and Employee

Our temporary placements provide a flexible solution to the challenges Michigan businesses face. We specialize in sourcing, vetting, and assigning skilled workers across various industries, addressing seasonal demand fluctuations, project-based needs, and specific skill gaps.

Through our comprehensive applicant tracking system, Zenople, we can access a pool of qualified candidates, enabling you to fill maternity or medical leave gaps, test workforce needs with minimal risk, and scale operations in response to economic uncertainties or growth opportunities.

Our services help you manage labor costs and regulatory compliance issues more effectively as we handle employment-related responsibilities such as benefits, taxes, and legal obligations.

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Why Choose Entech Temporary Placement Services?

Has your Michigan business ever experienced any of these situations?

Seasonal Demand Fluctuations
Many businesses experience seasonal peaks where the demand for their products or services increases significantly.
Project-based Work
Companies engaged in project-based work, such as IT, marketing, and construction, may require specialized skills for short-term projects.
Skill Gaps
Michigan's economy is diverse, with vital manufacturing and technology sectors. Rapid technological advancements and evolving industry standards can create skill gaps within the existing workforce.
Maternity or Medical Leave Coverage
Employees taking extended leave for medical or family reasons can leave a gap that needs to be filled temporarily.
Testing Workforce Needs
For businesses experiencing growth or change, hiring contingent workers can be a strategy to assess their long-term workforce needs.
Economic Uncertainty
In times of financial volatility or uncertainty, companies may prefer to hire contingent workers as a flexible approach to managing labor costs.
Regulatory Compliance & Cost Management
Employing a contingent workforce can help businesses manage costs related to benefits, taxes, and compliance with labor laws.

Temporary Placement for Short-term Needs in Michigan

Do you have someone out on leave and need the coverage? Entech handles the payroll process internally, and you are invoiced an all-encompassing rate for services.

We recruit, select, and place qualified employees for assignments that suit your company’s needs and budgets. Entech is responsible for the payroll process, and we bill you for the services. It’s that easy.

Learn more about short-term, temporary, or flexible workforce for your organization by connecting with Entech Staffing Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Temp Hires

What is a Temp Hire?

A Temp Hire is a person employed on a contract basis to fill short-term or long-term business needs. Temporary employees are often hired to cover employee absences, meet seasonal demands, complete specific projects, or budget constraints.

How do I request a temporary employee?

Utilize the following link to request staff or contact us directly.

What are the costs associated with hiring temporary employees?

Billing includes an hourly rate covering all employment-related costs associated with hiring, including wages, taxes, and insurance.

What are my responsibilities in regard to the temporary worker?

While Entech Staffing Solutions manages the recruiting and onboarding-related tasks, as the host employer, you are responsible for providing a safe work environment, necessary training, and day-to-day supervision.

How quickly can I get a temporary worker?

Entech Staffing Solutions can provide temporary workers quickly, sometimes within a day, depending on the availability of candidates with the required skills and the job’s specific needs.

How Social Media Connects the Dots

Entech Staffing Solutions leverages social media to tap into talent throughout Southeast and Mid-Michigan. We access the region’s vast network of professionals and job seekers via platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. These digital channels offer the ability to post job openings, share insights into company culture, and highlight success stories, making them an invaluable tool for building relationships with potential candidates.

Social media allows us to create targeted campaigns and reach specific demographics and skill sets within Southeast and Mid-Michigan’s diverse workforce. This approach broadens our talent pool and enhances our ability to connect with candidates on a more personal level, fostering a sense of community and engagement crucial in today’s competitive job market.

Do you need short-term talent?

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