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Working with our Temp to Direct Hire option offers a strategic solution tailored to Michigan businesses’ unique challenges. We excel in identifying, evaluating, and placing top talent in roles that match their skills and your industry requirements, addressing seasonal demand changes, project-based requirements, and critical skill gaps. Our extensive proprietary applicant tracking system, Zenople, provides access to a deep pool of vetted candidates, enabling you to transition temporary workers into permanent roles as they prove their fit within your organization.

Our Temp to Direct Hire services also streamlines scaling your workforce in alignment with business cycles and growth opportunities, all while efficiently managing labor costs and compliance with employment regulations. We take on the responsibilities of benefits administration, tax obligations, and other employment-related tasks during the temporary phase, allowing you to focus on assessing the candidate’s performance and fit before making a permanent hiring decision.

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Why Choose Entech for Temp to Direct Hire?

Risk Mitigation in Hiring
Hiring new employees directly can be risky, especially if a candidate's performance doesn't meet expectations.
Access to Qualified Candidates
Many businesses struggle to find qualified candidates due to skill shortages in specific industries or regions.
Reducing Recruitment Time & Costs
Recruitment can be time-consuming and expensive. We take the onus off you.
Overcoming Skill Gaps
Rapid technological advancements and evolving market demands can lead to skill gaps within the existing workforce.
Improving Employee Retention
High turnover rates can negatively affect financials, employee morale, and customer service.
Compliance & Administrative Relief
Navigating employment laws and handling administrative tasks related to hiring can be challenging.
Cultural Fit Assessment
Ensuring a new hire fits the company's culture is crucial for long-term success.

Temp to Direct Hire for Long-Term Needs in Michigan

The reasons for choosing Temp to Direct Hire are abundant. The most significant advantage is that you and your new team member can discover success without an initial Direct Hire commitment. You can see firsthand how your new employee works within your organization and determine whether their skills match your role. Think of it like a trial run with an option to renew.

Why should you choose Temp to Direct Hire? Maybe you need to add a new skill set to your team but want to see someone in action before making a permanent hiring decision. Or maybe you need to add an extra team member to reduce pressure and provide a better work/life balance and want to see how the new employee fits in. Entech Staffing Solutions can provide that bridge to employment.

We recruit, select, and place qualified employees for Temp to Direct roles that suit your company's needs and budgets. Entech is responsible for the payroll process, and you're billed for the services. Once you determine that the employee fits, their employment transfers internally to your organization.

Learn more about Temp to Direct Hiring for your organization by connecting with Entech Staffing Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Temp to Direct Hire

What is a Temp to Direct Hire?

A Temp to Direct Hire is a staffing strategy where an employee starts as a temporary worker and has the potential to become a permanent employee after a specific period or based on performance evaluation.

How does the Temp to Direct Hire process work?

Businesses can partner with Entech Staffing Solutions to recruit and place candidates on a temporary basis. During this time, both the employer and candidate can assess the fit and make a permanent offer of employment. Once the temporary assignment is completed, the company can bring the candidate onboard to their company, transitioning away from Entech.

What are the benefits of Temp to Direct Hire for employers?

This approach allows employers to evaluate a candidate’s performance, work ethic, and fit with company culture before making a long-term commitment. It also reduces hiring risks, saves on employment and recruitment costs, and provides flexibility in workforce management.

What are the advantages ofTemp to Direct Hire for employees?

Candidates can assess the job role, company environment, and potential for career growth before accepting a permanent position. It offers a pathway to stable employment and helps them demonstrate their value to the employer.

How long does the temporary period last before conversion to Direct Hire?

The duration varies by company and position. We will discuss the necessary hours before transitioning an employee to your payroll.

Can a company decide not to hire a temporary worker directly?

Yes, if you determine the candidate is not a good fit or business needs change, you can decide not to extend an offer.

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