Owner’s Representative

  • Technical
  • Flint
  • $50.00/hr

Entech Staffing Solutions

Entech Staffing is searching for an Owner’s Representative to administer and manage multiple bond funded capital construction and renovation projects for our customer based in Flint, MI. This is a part-time position, approx. 24 hours per week. Pay Rate: $50.00/hr


The idea candidate will have construction and/or architectural & engineering experience.

  1. Respondents must have and be able to demonstrate a minimum of ten (10) years of successful experience as a project manager or owner’s representative with an owner, A/E firm or contractor.  If experience is with an A/E, Vendor must provide evidence of field experience completing the same or similar projects and/or scopes of work. 

  2. Respondents shall demonstrate experience in ADA-compliant construction, remodeling, and renovations.

  3. Respondents should have post-secondary education experience. 

  4. Respondents shall provide copie(s) of current professional certifications or licenses they hold which are directly relevant to satisfactory performance of the requested services.

  5. The OR will serve as Customer’s principal point of contact and liaison between the architect, the contractor and any other consultants, contractors, or vendors throughout the construction process.  The OR will advocate for Customer’s interests concerning quality, timely and cost-sensitive construction and/or renovation of the building while maintaining professional relationships with contractors.  The OR will be responsible for ensuring the project is completed on schedule at the lowest possible cost and highest degree of functionality and quality and for monitoring progress on all aspects of the project in every phase. The OR will not have the ability to replace the architect, contractor, and other consultants. The OR will not have the authority to sign, bind or otherwise contract on behalf of Customer.  The OR role will include:

    1. On-site presence with a base office in the Facilities Services (Flint, MI) building to service the construction/renovation sites.   It is anticipated that an on-site person will spend approximately twenty-four (24) hours per week for the remainder of the fiscal year (ending June 30, 2024) to provide all the services requested. Actual time may differ depending on the assigned project work load;

    2. Communicate effectively orally and in writing with all stakeholders as necessary;

    3. Facilitate kick-off meetings for new projects with the Architect, Engineer, Contractor, Owner and any other stakeholders;

    4. Coordinate and document all communications and represent the Owner at all project and progress meetings;

    5. Attend all Owner, Architect, and Construction Manager meetings and any other special meetings that may be required from time to time;

    6. Monitor the construction progress;

    7. Monitor construction quality control testing and inspection;

    8. Evaluate and negotiate all requests for change orders and make recommendations to the Executive Director of Facilities Services;

    9. Once construction has been awarded, review and monitor all Requests for Information (RFIs) and responses;

    10. Evaluate payment requests and invoices, make recommendations for payment and present same to the Executive Director of Facilities Services for signature;

    11. Monitor contractor compliance with construction documents and submittals;

    12. Observe construction testing and commissioning and review all reports;

    13. Monitor project record documents for accuracy throughout the duration of project(s);

    14. Monitor and track cost and ensure project stays on budget;

    15. Provide the Executive Director of Facilities Services with progress reports and meeting notes including:

      1. Maintain a record of project-related activities, including nature and location of:

        1. The work being performed;

        2. Record of any work that, in the Owner’s Representative opinion, is not in conformance with the contract documents;

        3. Any occurrence or work that might result in a claim for a change in contract sum or time.

      2. Summarize work in-progress/complete, RFI/submittal status as necessary, design or construction issues, quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC), and inspections. Prepare a formal monthly report with a management summary to provide the Executive Director with in-depth information on progress, schedule and construction issues, quality and design, cost and changes, College activities, City and utility company activities and other relevant topics. The report shall include attachments including photo record (as needed), updated schedule, Budget & Payment Summary spreadsheet, Change Order log, and any other supporting data.

4.16. Perform commissioning services;

4.17. Review and assure completion of all asset tracking documents;

4.18 Perform project close-out services;

4.19. Coordinate and conduct project tours for CUSTOMER stakeholders as requested;

4.20 When requested, assist with coordination, and installation of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE), Information Technology Services and associated vendors.