Navigating the Pandemic, and Making it Through 2020

Posted on June 5, 2024

2020 has been….a year. One that we are happy to close the book on. So in the spirit of the New Year, we want to reflect on the challenges 2020 has brought, and how we overcame them. Making it to December 31st with relative sanity was an accomplishment we all deserve a collective pat on the back for. So let’s cut ourselves some slack, and take pride in the progress we’ve made.

Staffing Frontline Workers

At the beginning of 2020, the Staffing Industry was hit hard. Employment globally went down, so of course, the business of employing did as well. But we were lucky enough to represent stellar clients that took on the challenge of being frontline workers, combatting the pandemic.

Our Medical division quickly credentialed and recruited Building Screeners for various clients. Our Labor division staffed essential workers, who performed tasks including packaging food, bottling hand sanitizers, and manufacturing cardboard boxes. We are proud to say that we will now be taking on the challenge of staffing medical workers to perform the vaccinations. It is with great joy that we close the chapter on this year having contributed workers that helped and continue to help fight this pandemic.

Taking Care of Our Employees

At Entech, customer service is key. We care on a personal level about each and every employee and client. Which is why when the fears of the virus plagued the staffing industry, we knew it was our duty as a Human Resources company to encourage clients to practice safe COVID procedures in the workplace, give them information on resources to do so, and reassure our employees that we were taking steps to ensure their safety. Our team was the advisory board on HR practices, giving regular updates on how to adhere to CDC protocol. As our knowledge over the year changed, we adapted, and we advised our clients to do the same.

To accommodate the mounting challenges of this crisis, every member of our staff worked late into the night and on weekends. We worked with customers to increase hourly rates beyond the unemployment rate to motivate employees to work.

In house, the owners and managers reconfigured our facilities and established processes to enable staff to work from home. Glass partitions were installed between cubicles and in our interview rooms. Dual monitors were shipped to each member of our direct staff to ensure maximum efficiency while remote. PPE was provided to any person who entered our facility. We were able to boost staff morale and keep their efforts high by providing Employee Hazard Pay.

It is due to the strong leadership at Entech in making these tough decisions, and the overall effort of our staff, that our corporate sales hit an all-time high despite the challenges of the pandemic. Our team was resilient, and the effort has paid off for us and for our clients.

Looking Ahead

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: this year was unprecedented. There were learning curves and obstacles. But we can look back and recognize the good. Our sales rose, our clients’ HR needs were met, and our employees could feel safe knowing Entech was here to protect them and help them navigate the new workplace norms.

Now that we have entered 2021, we know this challenge is not yet over, but we are ready to work as a team to make it through as strong as we started. When you are ready to chat about your staffing or employment needs, give us a call!

So cheers to new beginnings!

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